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Romanov-Hapsburg & De’Goro

Thomas Pendragon De’Goro

Thomas is the twin of the Heiress, the son of John and Maria Parker-Starr De’Goro. Thomas went to St. Mark’s School in Southborough, Massachusetts, Harvard (earned a BA in History, Economics, and Psychology), USC (MA in American Studies and English), Uni. of Hawaii (MLIS), Uni. of Wisconsin (PhD in History and History of Science), Oxford (PhD in English), and AG&CG. Thomas was a Lt. Col. in the Army Airborne Ranger and earned a 6th degree Black Belt in Ninjutsu and Shaolin Gung Fu. Thomas had been married several times. When Thomas died in a horrible plan accident in the Swiss Alps on family buisness, he left behind a wife and children.

Anumeha Maurya

Born: Varca, Goa, India 12/25/1975
Married: London, England 1/4/1994

1. (S) Jag Maurya Goro b. 1/2/1995 d. 1/3/1995
2. (D) Ladli Maurya Goro b. 1/2/1995 d. 1/3/1995
3. (S) Gadin Maurya Goro b. 1/2/1995 d. 1/3/1995

Death: New York City, New York 1/4/1995
Buried: 1/6/1995
Anumeha Maurya gave birth to triplets, but died from complications from child birth. The triplets died from heart, neurological, and GI problems.

Aadideva Dié Liang

Born: Hong Kong, China 6/14/1976
Married: Hong Kong, China 3/4/2000

1. (D) Aadideva Liang Goro b. 12/2/2002 d. 5/9/2010
2. (D) Genji-Hua Liang Goro b. 12/2/2002 d. 4/4/2006
3. (S) Li Liang Goro b. 12/2/2002 d. 12/4/2002
4. (D) Tao Liang Goro b. 10/12/2004 d. 4/4/2006
5. (D) Guan-yin Liang Goro b. 10/12/2004 d. 4/4/2006
6. (D) Lien Liang Goro b. 10/12/2004 d. 4/4/2006
7. (S) Li Liang Goro b. 10/26/2005 d. 4/4/2006

Death: Hong Kong, China 4/4/2006
Buried: 4/6/2006

Aadideva Dié Liang is of Indian-Chinese decent. Parents worked for the British Government before they retired. Aadideva is the only child of a very wealthy family. She went to school in England and China. Aadideva Dié Liang gave birth to 7 children, only one died at birth. Aadideva Dié Liang, parents, and 5 kids were killed by a bomb at home by an extremist. The oldest child was at a home of a friends doing school work.

Abha Abhilasha Diva

Abha Abhilasha Diva Goro survived her husband.

Mary Liu

Born: Springville, Maine 10/5/1985
Married: Boston, Mass. 8/5/2005

1. (D) Mary Liu Goro Boston, Mass. 10/5/2010

Death: 8/5/2011
Buried: 8/7/2011

Naina Yakunovich

Born: 2/7/1974 Moscow, Russia
Married: 2/7/2005 Orlando, Florida
i. (D) Aaeesha Naina Yakunovich Goro b. 4/7/2006 d. 4/15/2006
Death: 4/15/2006 Orlando, Florida
Buried: 4/17/2006
Both mother and child died in a car accident, while visiting family in Florida.

Mary Elizabeth Patricia De’Goro

Mary Elizabeth Patricia Goro is sister of Thomas Pendragon Goro, the daughter of John and Maria Parker-Starr Goro. Mary attended St. Mark’s School in Southborough, Massachusetts for High School. For college Mary attended USC (BA Child Psychology) and Uni. of Wisconsin (MA Child Psychology.) Mary was engaged, but found him cheating on called it off. She is currently engaged to Johnathan Peter Romanov-Hapsburg.

Johnathan Peter Romanov-Hapsburg

            Johnathan Peter Romanov-Hapsburg was married before. Johnathan attended the Uni. Of Atlantis, was in the Army (Airborne, Air Assault, Ranger, and Special Forces), and taught at the East Shaolin Temple. Johnathan is currently engaged to Mary Goro.

Kelly Walania Kamaka’eha Kamehameha

Born: 1/29/1980 Honolulu, Oahu, Hawaii
Married: 1/29/1999 Honolulu, Oahu, Hawaii
Died: 3/5/2002 Honolulu, Oahu, Hawaii
Buried: 3/7/2002 Honolulu, Oahu, Hawaii

Alexis Lopez

Born: 12/25/1981
Married: 10/2/2003


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