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Johnathan Louis-Philippe Augustus de’ Medici Chauvin de la Frénière


Paternal Grandparents

Johnathan Louis-Philippe Augustus de’ Medici Chauvin de la Frénière ancestry is a rich history that spans centuries and countries. Johnathan paternal grandparents family has lived in the Americas for generations is of Creole. Johnathan maternal grandparents family is of Polynesian, Italian, and Filipino descent. His maternal grandfather is of Italian de’ Medici descent whose ancestors in the late 1600s moved to the Spanish Philippines and then in the 1830s moved to the Hawai’i as an advisor to Kamehameha III. His maternal grandmother is a descendent of Keōua Kalanikupuapa’ikalaninui Ahilapalapa and Kaiolaniokaiwalani.

‘Iolani Kaiolaniokaiwalani Luahoomae de’ Medici was born December 25, 1979 in Honolulu, Hawai’i to James Keōua Kalanikupuapa’ikalaninui de’ Medici and Kaiolaniokaiwalani Dole. ‘Iolani enjoyed her childhood. Every Saturday her family gathered and went Surfing, Fishing, and Scuba Diving during the day and a family dinner at the grandparents’ home. Hawaiian was spoken at home and English when in public. Kamehameha Schools ‘Iolani attended from K-12 grades. ‘Iolani is the third daughter and fourth of twelve children.

Armand Alberto Chauvin de la Frénière was born July 4, 1979 in Ipswich, Massachusetts to Duke Johnathan Robert Chauvin de la Frénière and Duchess Maria Alice Vanderbilt-Rockefeller. Armand Alberto Chauvin de la Frénière attended Boston Latin School from K-12 grades. Armand is the oldest son and the oldest of twenty-one children. Creole, French, English, and Japanese were spoken in the house.

Armand and ‘Iolani grew up happy, traveling around the world and the country. They visited old family history sites. Upon graduation from High School, both went upon a Summer world cruise upon the HMS Queen Elizabeth III before College started. It was upon this cruise that Armand and ‘Iolani meet and fell in love. While during the courtship that took place during the next four years volumes of correspondence took place between the two. ‘Iolani graduated from University of Hawai’i and Armand graduated from Harvard. It was after graduation that Armand and ‘Iolani got married in Hawai’i. It was ‘Iolani’s Uncle, the future King Kalākaua III of Hawai’i, who married the couple.

Armand and ‘Iolani lived in Honolulu, Hawai’i and Ipswich, Massachusetts. Armand earned his M.D. and ‘Iolani her J.D. from University of Hawai’i. Their practice was in both Massachusetts and Hawai’i. They had fifteen children 8 daughters and 7 sons. Besides English spoken in the house Hawaiian, Creole, French, and Japanese was also spoken and the children knew. Keōua Kalanikupuapa’ikalaninui Armand de’ Medici Chauvin de la Frénière was born December 25, 2002 to Armand and ‘Iolani.

Armand to help pay for college joined the US Army and was stationed in Hawai’i. Armand was a Special Forces Special Reconnaissance Solider who was a Captain during College. Armand fought in the Third Balkan War, Iraq-Afghanistan War 2001-2003 (which the US won), Korean War 2004-2008 (reunified the Korean Peninsula), and Libyan 2011 (Libya won). Armand retired from the Army after a 20 year service as a Colonel.

‘Iolani law practice was enjoyable to her. ‘Iolani focus was Constitutional and Hawaiian Law and taught at the University of Hawai’i and Harvard Law Schools.


Maternal Grandparents

Johnathan Louis-Philippe Augustus de’ Medici Chauvin de la Frénière maternal grandparents is of African and Indian descent.

Sakkara Ostraca Psylocke Croft was born January 5, 1980 Cairo, Egypt to Lord William John Croft and Lady Eliza Mary Jane Windsor Archduke of Egypt of the British Empire. Lord Croft’s family has governed Egypt for the British crown since 1882. Before that the Crofts have Dukes in British South Africa from 1790-1882 and Counts in Isle of Man before 1790. Lady Eliza Mary Jane Windsor’s family have been Counts in British India since 1612. Sakkara Ostraca Psylocke Croft was the oldest daughter and the triplet sibling to two brothers. Sakkara grew up learning English, Hindi, and Arabic and attended British International School in Cairo for High School and Oxford for College.

            Sunil Manohar Gavaskar V was born June 20, 1980 Bombay, India to Count Sunil Manohar Gavaskar IV and Countess Samantha Ruth Prabhu. English and Hindi were spoken at home. Sunil Manohar Gavaskar V attended a local High School and attended Oxford. Sunil has 3 sisters and 2 brothers. The Gavaskar and Prabhu families are local British Indian who helped Gandhi and others transform British India to where local British Indians take a more active role in the government and culture without throwing off the British Raj.

It was at Oxford that Sakkara and Sunil meet, courted, and married. Sakkara and Sunil immigrated to America after earning Ph.D.s at USC. Upon graduation, Sakkara and Sunil taught at USC in Geology and English. Sakkara gave birth to a son and daughter (31 October 1999 Los Angles, California), but died during child birth. Sunil wanted a mother for his children. Sunil married Xu Jing Lei and raised the children as her own. Sunil, Xu Jing Lei, and his son were killed by a drunk driver while coming home from the doctor.

Amisi Samantha Banafrit Gavaskar-Croft after the death of her family was raised by her grandparents, Lord and Lady Croft. Amisi grew up knowing English, Hindi, and Arabic and grew up in Cairo, Bombay, and Washington D.C. Lord and Lady Croft where the English Ambassadors to America, Vice-Raj in India, and Governor-General in Egypt.

It was in America that the Croft family meet and befriended Armand and ‘Iolani de’ Medici Chauvin de la Frénière. This was how Keōua and Amisi were betrothed to get married when they turned 18. They meet every New Years at Havana, Cuba for two weeks and every June in Tokyo, Japan.



Keōua Kalanikupuapa’ikalaninui Armand de’ Medici Chauvin de la Frénière was born December 25, 2002 to Armand and ‘Iolani and Amisi Samantha Banafrit Gavaskar-Croft was born 31 October 1999.

Keōua attended High School in Hawai’i and Amisi attended High School London. They were Homecoming King and Queen and two of the most popular students of school. Upon graduation Keōua and Amisi joined the military Keōua joined the Marines and Amisi joined the Navy. Keōua was a Force Recon Sniper and Counter-Intel solider, who retired as a “Master Gunny.” Amisi was in Naval Intelligence, who retired as a Master Chief Petty Officer. After the military Keōua and Amisi joined NCIS.

Keōua and Amisi got married in 2021 in San Juan, Puerto Rico. They earned Ph.D.s in East Asian and Middle Eastern Studies from USC and University of Wisconsin.


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