American Studies!

American Studies/History/Culture/Folklore

Akuma de Croft Dusseau de Lacroix and Jarah Kahealani Mana’olanakeiki Waikerepuru

Chapter 1

 My name is Akuma de Croft Dusseau de Lacroix and Jarah Kahealani Mana’olanakeiki Waikerepuru was my High School sweetheart. She is of Polynesian, Filipino, and Chinese decent and I am of American, Creole, African, and Hawaiian decent. Jarah is the only child and I have seven brothers and nine sisters. The Dusseau de Lacroix’s are a very well off and the ancestral homestead is located on the Isle de Mortra, located West of Niihau, Hawai’i. During High School Jarah was a model for Victoria Secret and Sports Illustrated. We went together to our Jr. and Sr. Proms and were on the Homecoming Court our Senior year.

We graduated with summa cum laude and got accepted to University of Wisconsin. We were married in June, after graduation, and our honeymoon lasted 6 weeks in which we stayed in Fiji, Italy, and Orlando. Before college started we joined the Army Guard, our MOS was Intelligence Analyst (96B), and our rank was Sergeant (E-5). Later we went through Army OCS and within a year became a Captain (O-3). During college Jarah was on the Gymnastics Team, modeled, and graduated magna cum laude with a BA in English and History. For me I participated in Football, MMA, and became a layman monk at the Eastern Shaolin Temple. I graduated summa cum laude with a BA in History, American Studies, and Geology. During college, we fought in the Iraq-Afghanistan War, President Obama’s failed Libyan War, and the Korea War.

After graduation we traveled around Europe and Asia before we attended graduate school at University of Hawaii. While we were in Asia Jarah became pregnant with Octuplets. It was a happy time, for it was my parents first grandchildren to be born. Only later did we find out that Jarah couldn’t bear anymore children.

I took another wife, according to the law and tradition, to bear more children. Her name is Aaliyah Makelina Matsumoto of Hawaiian, Japanese, Arabic, and Filipino decent. Aaliyah bore 16 children over the years.


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