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An Pathfinder RPG Character

Eemeralda o Spirosko Ulrich

Eemeralda (24-year-old Human Female damphyr) is a Gypsy Fortune Teller by trade, who is a dual class character (15th level Assassin, 20 level Sorcerer, & 8 Psionicist). She hardly stays in the same place longer than 8 months and distrusts authority (civil & religious). Her parents were killed before her eyes at the age of 8 by local royalty and was put into a very abusive religious “monastery” who abused her physically and mentally. When the monastery got fire, the nuns left her to burn to death, but Eemeralda escaped. Eemeralda ran into a traveling Roma Band, who took her in. The Roma Band taught her the Fortune Teller trade and assassin/sorcerer skills. While traveling with her new family through a forest and dawn, they were ambushed by a local Duke and murdered on false accusations. Eemeralda was gathering water when the ambush happened and heard the commotion. When she arrived at the slaughter, Eemeralda retaliated on the solders and Duke. She killed the solders and put a powerful curse on the Duke, his family, and Dukedom. Ever since she traveled solo or with a small band of friends.

To others she is a human female in her mid-twenties, in which Eemeralda agrees to. Her other half Eemeralda doesn’t talk about. In truth she is much older and has seen much of the multiverse.


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