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Best Babes In Video Games Of 2011

Video games have come a long way from the days when a purple square represented a leather-clad heroine fighting a group of medieval zombies in nothing but a skinned fur bra and matching thong.

Back then, we had to use our imagination to truly enjoy the deep characterization that 8-bit technology could provide our hormonally charged minds. Thanks to the movie quality advancements in video game design, simulated physics and sound mixing, gamers can enjoy the same bosomy heroines and shapely ass-kickers that we could only see in movies or our dad’s Playboys. 2011 goes down as a quality year in video games, but especially for video game’s baddest babes.


10. Chun Li from “Marvel vs. Capcom 3”

When it comes to the classics, you can’t go wrong with the “Street Fighter” series and the same can be said for their roster of babelicious brawlers. One of the chief reasons we eagerly anticipated this mashup sequel to the classic arcade fighting game is the return of this young, perky karate master and her long, luscious “lightning legs.”

9. Trishka Novak from “Bulletstorm”

Despite what some women might believe about guys, we actually find a tough and determined woman very attractive. Not only does the thought of her hot frame make parts of our anatomy wake up, but the fact she can kick our asses is oddly stimulating too. This very strong-headed sidekick can not only keep her own in a tense situation, but she can throw down some serious curse words with a band of space pirates that could make a longshoreman blush.

8. Sam Harper from “Need for Speed: The Run”

Putting the likes of Christina Hendricks in any video game instantly makes it twice as interesting, even if it’s just her saucy bedroom voice. Producer Michael Bay had the good sense to give the viewer more than just an earful of the “Mad Men” star in this latest “Need for Speed” title by actually basing her character on Hendricks’ ample frame and attitude. We haven’t been able to drive with a stick shift the same way since.

7. Chloe from “Uncharted 3: Drake’s Deception”

Fans of “Uncharted” were disappointed that Chloe wasn’t featured as heavily in the third entry to the adventure series and anyone with an appreciation for tough, good looking women can easily understand why. She not only has the perfect dark beauty for an adventure hungry woman, but she’s just as exquisite as the long lost treasures she seeks.

6. Elsa Lichtmann from “L.A. Noire”

No game was more rich and compelling in story than this gem from Rockstar Games, not just for the year but perhaps for in the entire history of gaming. The dame at the center of this deep story of justice, betrayal, depravity and corruption was the classic “other woman” who could make even the most moral man leave his woman for a chance to be her special guy.

5. Alice from “Alice: Madness Returns”

We’re not just interested in her hour-glass figure. This brooding emo-chick with the ivory white skin and crazy eyes also makes us feel alive. The return of American McGee’s revision of Lewis Carroll’s prim and proper Alice made us realize that beauty is only skin deep, especially if it’s so white that it’s translucent.

4. Kitana from “Mortal Kombat”

This fan dancing death fighter might look better than your average S&M themed stripper, but it’s her heart that gets us in the gut. She not only defies her evil father at every turn, but has the deepest emotional core of any of the “Mortal Kombat” characters. She’s also got a great pair of long legs that look amazing even if they’re kicking you in the face.

3. Chell from “Portal 2”

Aperture’s captive beauty has long been in our hearts and not just because she’s in one of the most enthralling and immersive gaming experiences since elementary school “Freeze Tag.” She’s got the perfect “girl next door” body and look, especially if you live next door to a renegade science lab that holds hot honeys hostage in the name of science.

2. Sonya Blade from “Mortal Kombat”

Of course, just because we find personality and strength of character attractive doesn’t mean we’ve completely given up on our shallow side. Few gaming babes portray raw sexuality better and more effectively than this special ops legend who has Barbie’s good looks and G.I. Joe’s hand-to-hand combat skills.

1. Catwoman from “Batman: Arkham City”

When it comes to the best gaming babe, you can’t go wrong with a strong female in a form-fitting leather suit. The only thing better than “Arkham City”‘s immersive gameplay and iconic heroes and villains is the fact that it’s in third person mode so we can watch her walk from behind.


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