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Tifa Lockhart from ‘Final Fantasy VII’:

Anna Williams from ‘Tekken 5’ and ‘Tekken 5: Dark Resurrection’:

Nel from ‘Bleach’:

According to her profile she was born in 1988 so shes 22. Here’s some more Haruhi.

I forget who it was who asked for more of the Poison cosplayer from the ‘Street Fighter’ cosplays from the Page 22, well here you are:

(Those two, along with the previous one on Page 22 were the only three pics of that cosplayer as Poison)

This is another Poison cosplayer, her name’s Anne Athienza, according to Google.

To answer your earlier question, she appeared along with Hugo in ‘Street Fighter III: Second Impact’ and ‘Street Fighter III: Third Impact’, as well as the original ‘Capcom VS SNK’. She was also in ‘Final Fight’ before that, along with other Street Fighter characters Cody Travers, Guy, Rolento and Sodom.

According to Google, the character of Poison is actually a pre-op transsexual. (Yep, she had a dick, folks) As ‘Final Fight’ was a beat-em-up, it was considered rude for male characters to beat up females when the game was released in America in the 1980’s. So that’s how they addressed the problem. The cosplayers above, however, they’re all female. (I hope!)

It was me who was asking what Street Fighter game she was in.

here’s more of the Kipi Haruhi cosplays.


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