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Top Five Smokin’ Hot Video Game Babes


Let’s face it — when you’re spending a ton of time playing video games, you aren’t spending time doing much else. That includes (but is not limited to) working out, hanging out, drinking, eating, sleeping and picking up chicks. Especially picking up chicks.  Did we mention picking up chicks?

Luckily, game developers feel our pain (and are also, probably, way too busy to pick up chicks) and have endowed (literally) their games with some busty and bootilicious babes.  Our Top Five virtual stunners are after the jump.

Taki’s weapon of choice is the dual kodachi

5. Taki from the Soul series. 
The Soul series has a weak base of characters (read: many are introduced and then disposed of in later installments, rather than built upon) and even a shabbier plotline (everyone is on a quest to destroy or obtain the Soul Edge, an evil all-powerful blade, for some half-baked reason or another … whatever, time to fight!) but Taki is one of the memorable few. The raven-haired ninja can be found in every installment of the Soul series, trying to track down the blade to rid the world of it for good. Though the she-warrior looses points for her obnoxious feral battle cry, her crimson skin-tight body suit more makes up for the damage.

Batgirl who?

4. Morrigan Aensland from Darkstalkers series.
A knockout Capcom creation, Morrigan is a sexy succubus that utlizes magic and her wings to attack her opponents. Though she’s not Darkstalkers’ main protagonist, she acts as somewhat of an alt-hero, and is better recognized in popular culture due to her numerous appearances outside the series (and her hot get-up, of course).

“Wanna see me nude? It’ll cost ya two million.”

3. Kasumi from the 14-part Dead or Alive series.

Kasumi is the DOA series’ leading lady — a high-kicking, exotic runaway Japanese ninja who’s as lithe as she is feminine. Though she’s only 17 (ew, pedobear alert) she’s become an incredibly popular sex symbol in gaming, not just for her killer curves and instinct, but for her compassionate life outlook and burning desire to find her lost brother. But watch yourself, gamer boy — Kasumi may run around in barely-there clothing, but she’s still got her dignity.  Back in 2004, game makers Tecmo sued West Side for their ‘naked Kasumi hack’ for the PS2 version of Dead or Alive 2, and won two million yen.

Angelina Jolie plays Lara Croft in the two movie adaptations of the game

2.  Lara Croft from the Tomb Raider franchise.
In an increasingly rare situation where the video game precludes the movie, Lara Croft is one of the most recognizable video game gals amongst non-gamers (in part, thanks to a certain pouty-lipped Angelina Jolie). Lara is a british archeologist in search of ancient treasures, and her path is oft littered with danger, in the form of bad guys and traps. This ass-kicking intellect  has been captivating males and females alike since 1996, and in 2006, the Guinness World Book of Records named her the “Most Successful Human Virtual Game Heroine.”

Samus was one of the first female video game protagonists

1. Samus Aran of the Metroid series. 
The top gamer babe is one most assume to be male — until she takes off her powersuit. Samus Aran has one of the biggest cult followings in all gaming history — and she didn’t need to get naked to earn it. In the Metroid franchise, the bounty hunter completes missions given to her by Galactic Federation while hunting the Space Pirates. Besides Metroid, Samus also makes numerous cameos in other popular games — most notably, the Super Smash Brothers franchise, where her zero suit look (pictured above) was introduced into Brawl‘s gameplay.

By Neda Salamat Tue., Sep. 13 2011


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