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The Justice League have arrived to lead us into the brave new world of the New 52. With this title, Justice League #1, The DC Relaunch is here. Bringing with...

The Justice League have arrived to lead us into the brave new world of the New 52. With this title, Justice League #1, The DC Relaunch is here. Bringing with it a hope for new stories, new ideas, and a brand new start for readers everywhere. For good or bad, Justice League has been one of the most anticipated titles of the latter half of the year. With the dream team of Geoff Johns and Jim Lee guiding this series, they set the stage for the relaunched Justice League. This story is set five years before the formation of the Justice League, where superheroes aren’t accepted, and no one trusts superheroes at all. A brand new, scary, and yet exciting new world awaits us.

Justice League wastes no time in getting the story started, Batman is chasing an unusual alien, with the Gotham City Police firing away at both of them. Jim Lee’s art is pure excitement as you read these pages. The energy is infectious as you read panel to panel feeling the intensity of Batman’s chase over the rooftops.  Geoff Johns paces this sequence nicely. When you’re going through this chase, you wonder what’s going to happen next the entire time. When the Green Lantern appears that’s when things get interesting. The way that Batman and Green Lantern play off each other is wonderful. You can tell Johns is having a blast writing these heroes together. Jim Lee gets to show off a lot in this issue, from the Green Lantern constructs, to the alien design, you can tell he had a lot of fun bringing this new Justice League to life.

There’s a nice moment in between Green Lantern and Batman’s adventure that shows Vic Stone, better known as Cyborg, on the football field just living a normal life. We get a few pages to get to know him as a person, I liked how he was portrayed and the hints toward his future. When you get to the last page, you can’t help but stare in awe. The setup for that shot is executed well. There’s a nice thing about this series that the heroes know of each other, but have never met, so that’s the setup for what ends up being the last page of our issue. Jim Lee sets up that last page nicely. The intensity is perfect, making you wonder just what’s going to happen in the next issue.

Overall Justice League #1 is a good start for the New 52. Jim Lee is showing off his art in each segment. You see what he’s been putting into this first issue and you can’t help but be excited at what’s to come. I know I can’t wait to see what he throws at us in the next issue. Geoff Johns is doing some solid work on this title. I’m quite happy to see he’s doing some solid character work. We all know of the characters, but in this world they’re unknown territory. The horizons are endless at seeing what these heroes will end up becoming. The biggest part is will this be able to hook a new reader? I think it will hook any new reader. There’s a good story here with impressive artwork that would catch anyone’s eye.  Justice League #1 has that factor that could definitely get people curious in the new DCU and the rest of the new 52. I for one can’t wait to see the next issue of Justice League and the further developments of the DC Relaunch.


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